Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What five words do you see?

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Smart things the Doctor says.

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Well she had gathered that much. Popped into his head exactly. But it was nice to know that he had not changed his mind. She probably would have looked rather ridiculous if he had, and well that was just about the last thing she wanted to appear. He even looked surprised that she had brought it up. She didn’t know why, she had promised him she’d think about it. And she had meant that.

"No i am saying that i’ve thought about it" she spoke. She took another bite. "I never made up my mind in the first place" she added. Though this might just be  unintentionally cruel, she wasn’t entirely sure if it was unintentional though. But she wasn’t a mind reader. "I thought about it, and i’ve decided that it might be good for us to live together" she wasn’t sure how long she’d think that.

“I have to admit that when you said you’d think about it I assumed you were just saying that. I kind of thought you were mad at me for asking something like that. So this is a very pleasant surprise.” He wasn’t kidding about that. When he blurted out his question before, he hadn’t thought it through and once it was out of his mouth he really hadn’t expected her to say anything other than no. But the one thing he was sure about was that he really did mean it when he offered. That part hadn’t changed.

“Really? I mean…wow you’re serious? I would love that. I um, I really like you a lot Jasmine and we’ve been getting closer for a long time now and I…I think it would be good for both of us to have someone else there. I’m not used to living in a house and this is probably the longest you’ve been in any one place for a while so…yeah I’d like it a lot.”

Breaking the Rules


“You still love me despite that it’s been years?” Ianto was amazed. He knew some of his previous, well, all of his previous relationships hadn’t worked out. He was too OCD for their liking. Ianto decided to ignore those thoughts. “Are you human?” Ianto asked getting a little worried. He didn’t particularly care, but he still was a little skeptical of himself and this man. “Tardis…sounds familiar…t- time and…r- relative dimension in…space? Is that correct? I don’t know how I know that, I just do. Like it was back there somewhere.”

“Yes,” Jack answered, downing the rest of his coffee. “I can’t just stop loving you. I can move on, but I haven’t…not while you’re still around. I guess I was always holding out hope that you might remember me someday…” Jack should have known the next question would come up eventually. Ianto had taken everything else he’d been told fairly well and Jack just hoped that would continue. “Mostly human. I’m a time traveler from the 51st century but I got stuck here and have been living here for a very long time. Something happened to me a long time ago, something not even I can explain very well, but I died and someone brought me back to life. But they brought me back forever and now I can’t die. Every time I do, I just come back. Different from you though. You’re all human.”

Jack’s face lit up when Ianto remembered the TARDIS. “Yes! That’s right. Maybe you can remember some things…maybe if I help you…”

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Crossing Of Worlds ][ Dean and Jack


"Funny enough, most people believe they’re hoaxes, especially since some people have shown out they make them." Dean said. Oh, all the useless information he picked up from watching documentaries in motels when nothing better was on. He pulled out a couple of cans of spray paint and his father’s journal so that he could show Jack the symbols they needed to set up, then paused as he listened to the thing they had. He had no idea what Demons would want or do with alien technology, but the thought of it disturbed him.

He blinked at the Captain’s last comment, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, just do what I say and we’ll all get outta this alive. If worse comes to worse, I got a friend in high places who can lend a hand.” He said, but he wasn’t sure how keen Cas would be into coming to help.

"Do you know if these possessions go outside your facility? It’s rare to have more than a handful of Demons in areas. If there’s more than these people here, could be they’re plannin’ something big. Demons don’t like working together unless they all get something out of it." Dean tossed a can of spray paint over to Jack, then found a table to set down the journal and opened it up to a page with devil’s traps and sigils. "These ones here will keep the Demons rooted in their place. If the outer ring gets damaged and doesn’t connect, the trap’s broken. We’ll draw those inside the cells, put the black-eyed bastards in them. Better do that first in case they wake up, then we’ll paint these up all around this place…" He pointed to the warding symbols. "These’ll keep other Demons from finding out where we are."

“Actually, some aliens have used the fact that people think they’re hoaxes to hide in plain sight. But people can get pretty skittish sometimes too, so we usually tell the nice aliens that the locals might not appreciate the visit for a while yet, so take a hike. Eventually humans on this planet will get used to the idea that there are tons of other species and habited planets out there.” It had been surprising to Jack when he first came here, to learn that people had no idea there were others species out there, and while they were good with technology, they still had a long way to go.

Jack peeked over Dean’s shoulder at the symbols in the book and shook up his can of spray paint. “Actually, there are only five of us that work here, so yeah there are quite a few other people being possessed, it’s really getting out of hand and no one has any idea what’s going on. It’s becoming difficult to keep under control. I was really hoping you’d be able to help out and I’m pretty grateful that you’re here.” He didn’t like the idea that the demons were planning something, but it seemed to be the best and most likely explanation.

Jack went into an empty cell and started to paint one of the symbols on the ground, and quickly, so they could move Gwen and Ianto into that cell before they woke up. “Should we tie them down? I’ve got chairs and handcuffs, ropes etc. We get some belligerent ones in here sometimes,” he offered for explanation. “Hey, sounds like my idea of a good night, minus the demons.” He finished the symbol and looked it over, making sure that he’d be able to make more if he needed to.

Orchestra AU [[closed RP with captjackharknesstw]]


After putting his violin away, Theta walked up to Jack again.  ”That was really good fun!” he grinned.  ”It’s so nice to play in such a talented group…most of the time I’ve just been teaching seven year olds how to hold a bow straight,” he laughed.  ”And that cello solo at the end…I’ve heard it before but…something about the way you played it made it sound so new and exciting again,” he added.

Jack’s smile lit up when he saw Theta walking over to him again. “Aw you’ve been teaching? That’s nice. I’ve thought about it but…I don’t think I have enough patience,” he said with a chuckle. He rubbed the back of his neck when Theta complimented him. “Thank you. I really love that piece so I’ve been practicing it a lot, making sure I do it justice. According to you it’s been paying off.” Pausing for a moment to decide whether he should say this next thing or not, he decided to go for it. “Hey, do you want to have lunch with me maybe? No pressure, I’m just hungry and thought you might be too.”

Something Wicked


Ianto wasn’t sure why he was surprised when Jack said he loved him. He knew it for awhile now. There was no one else in Jack’s life, no one else in his life. But the words said out loud lifted a weight off his chest, making it seem like it was easier to breathe. Jack Harkness loved him, and that was probably the most magical thing about him. 

"I love you too…" His words were soft and slightly muffled but Jack’s shirt as he leaned his head down to leave against Jack’s arm. "I know that trust is important to you… and trust me when I say that having your trust is very important, especially with my past…" He lifted his head, meeting eye to eye with Jack. "I know I can trust you and that’s important to me…" 

He reached up, hand flat against Jack’s chest. He could feel the rhythm of his lover’s heart beat mix with the soft thrum of magic now under his skin. “I don’t know what’s going to happen though. I don’t know if this is all there is going to be…or there’s going to be more….” He swallowed, slightly nervous again, remembering the risks he’s taking. “I’ll learn to control it though..but I may need your help”

Jack’s kiss was his reassurance that he was going to get that help. He melted against his lover, heat bubbling up in his chest. It wasn’t like that strange spark that happened between them fresh after the spell. This time it was a soothing warmth, like lava coursing through his veins.

Jack relaxed when he heard Ianto say that he loved him too. It wasn’t something he was worried about, but it was always hard for Jack to say. He knew that loving someone left him very vulnerable, because Jack would outlive everyone and getting hurt like that wasn’t something he could handle too much of. But he couldn’t close himself off to Ianto, any time they had together was worth it. He wasn’t the type of person you run into very often and Jack considered himself lucky to have him.

Snuggling up against Ianto, Jack wondered about some things. “Are you going to try to become a full blown uh…witch? Or wizard…what’s the right word? Anyway, I mean are you going to continue to practice and try to get stronger?” Now that he was thinking about their future, he wondered if there were ways to stretch Ianto’s life out longer, or if this would backfire and end up hurting him, doing the opposite by cutting it shorter. That thought was always going to be in the back of Jack’s mind through all of this and he pulled his lover closer.

He could still feel the residual effects from either the spell or Ianto’s newly awakened powers, but it was much more soothing this time. Not the worrying spark between them and it allowed Jack to relax even more, enjoying the feeling. His mind began to wander and suddenly an interesting thought popped up. “Hey, do you think…do you think that maybe you could find a way to fix me? You know, with magic?”